Vertiv Releases Power Insight 2.0

August 9, 2017

Due to a lot of hard work from the Vertiv HCD team and many other contributors, Vertiv released Power Insight R2 on June 21, 2017.  This is one of four projects that I lead the User Experience design while concurrently working on this application.

Power Insight R2 is designed to monitor up to 50 Liebert UPS devices, and provides real-time trending for critical UPS performance including voltage and current utilization. This application also allows users to configure actions that execute notifications and can perform server shutdown. This means that if your UPS goes into a specified alarm state, say low battery, you can gracefully shut down the servers that are connected to the UPS before the power goes off.

Doing the right UX research in at the beginning of a project is integral to removing ambiguity in its requirements, especially when the products capabilities were so complex. We performed 20+ usability tests early in the process with our customers for Power Insight R2 to refine the application features to satisfy our users. When you have a small UX team it is important to be able to streamline the usability testing process. Due to the process improvements that the team has made this year, we have been able to do more usability testing than ever before with extremely constrained resources.

You may view a video that shows Power Insight R2 capabilities here: https://youtu.be/MAVt_6n0fsc

If you have Liebert UPS device that you are interested in monitoring you may download Power Insight R2 for free here: http://tinyurl.com/ycse74s2

If you use Power Insight R2, and are interested in providing Usability Feedback on this application please contact me and I will schedule a feedback session with you.

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