• Gretchen is an excellent designer and fine artist. She is a team player, a dynamic leader and a mentor to those seeking help. She is honest, fair, inspirational and lots of fun to work with.

    Brenda Kato - Digital Media Designer at United Nations
  • Gretchen is a gifted, energetic, talented, motivated, and creative individual. She is highly skilled in current graphics and multimedia software. Both her fine art skills and computer graphic skills are top notch. Her intellect, wit, dedication, interpersonal skills and talent make her a rare and highly valued professional.


    Linda Bigbee - Graphic Designer at Jax4Kids
  • I worked with Gretchen on a number of projects at Office Depot, and always found her to be talented, creative, pro-active, and dedicated to meeting deadlines — no matter how impossible they might be!

    Jennifer Bossinger Robins - Corporate Communications at Cameron
  • I have worked with Gretchen on many of my projects. Gretchen has the keen ability to work with written business requirements and turn them into phenomenal system designs. It was a pleasure working with Gretchen and I highly recommend her.


    Noelle Calakos - Project / Program Manager, Office Depot
  • Gretchen is not only knowledgeable and intelligent; she is also an effective communicator. She is dynamic and energetic and is happy to take the initiative and lead. She is a team player who wants to reach the successful outcome in the most professional way. She respects everyone, listens well and is a tremendous team player.

    Anne Castro - Executive Director Dania Beach Housing Authority
  • Gretchen did a great job at redesigning the internal and external websites at NationsRent. She is very talented and dedicated. I highly recommend her.

    Sherry Arango - Technical Lead, Enterprise Integration at Bluegreen Vacations
  • Gretchen is a person who is very creative with a lot of intuition for the client’s needs. She brings a stern but subtle side of creativity that one could only wish to have. Working with her was an experience that will always stick with me; she is a true asset to any design project.


    Chuck Hughes - City of Tallahassee at Consultant - LCHughesGroup
  • Gretchen is an extremely talented web designer, web developer and graphic artist. Her extensive portfolio is what led me to add her to our team at NationsRent. Her work on our internal and external sites was excellent. She worked well with our sponsor and all of the contributing teams to develop an impressive intranet – a portal bringing important information to every area of our business. She also developed a great deal of the artwork used on the site and developed the layout design. In addition, Gretchen built a new face on the company with a complete redesign and launch of our external site. Both products were very professional and clean in their appearance, and a great deal of thought was given to designing straight-forward navigation for the end-user. Gretchen would be a great fit for any organization that wants to take their web development to the next level.


    David Wrobel - MAFS Technology Manager at Manheim
  • In the years that I have known Gretchen, I have worked with her on numerous projects. She has always been on time, resourceful, and the definition of professional. She dresses professionally, has integrity, does her research, and has an eye for detail and design that (as her BFA also states) makes her an absolute artist! I would recommend hiring Gretchen — if you can get her – to any of my colleagues. She is a rare find, and delivers rare results.


    Ori Bengal - Fine artist and sculptor
  • Gretchen is a graphic design professional who mixes artistic talent with an understanding of web strategy & business. She is a pleasure to work with and always delivers quality work driven by her in-depth understanding of human factors combined with her natural artistic talents.


    Lisa Pelish - Integrated Digital Marketing Executive and Strategist: Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing
  • I have worked with Gretchen on a few occasions and each time she has provided us with top-notch service and quality product. She always delivered our projects on time and was helpful in handling some issues that came up on our end. I would definatly recommend the use of her services to anyone.


    Krystal Argiz - Vice President, Argiz Advertising


User Experience (UX) Manager

Professional Experience


Gretchen manages User Experience for the Services & Software Global Business Unit at Vertiv, the world leading provider of critical infrastructure and life cycle services for technology systems. She evangelizes methods such as Lean UX and Design Thinking to create the Vertiv digital ecosystem experience for desktop, tablet, mobile and hardware HMI’s.

Her most recent release was for an application called Power Assist. This application automates the graceful shutdown of power consuming end-points in a contingency power-loss situation. 

Before that she provided User Experience for the Vertiv Advisor, a IOT Cloud mobile application that gives transparency into Vertiv Service execution.

For 12+ years Gretchen has facilitated collaborative design using Design Thinking principals across global development teams. She has been integral in planning and executing field research stateside and abroad. Her team uses personas to communicate user goals, and features them in context scenarios and storyboards that bring alignment and propagate the Vision for projects. For each project she synthesizes research data (IxS) to bring together a UX Architecture to communicate the voice of the customer throughout the organization. She also leads all product designs with consideration for internationalization and localization for easier global adoption. Her tenure at Vertiv has lead her to conduct UX research in India, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Italy, Romania, England, and France.

Gretchen’s diverse background includes projects from global enterprises, government contractors, freelance marketing consultants, video game developers, video production companies, and multimedia producers. Gretchen has a passion for solving problems through design and evangelizing UX culture.

When she is home she enjoys spending time with family and friends, and attending local cultural festivals and events. She also keeps busy volunteering on the Steering Committee for the South Florida Human Rights Campaign. 

education and employers
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User Experience Skills

Curating World-Class User Experience

Usability Research

Contextual Inquiry

Card Sorting

Task Analysis

Design Hypothesis

Heuristic Evaluation

Demographic Research

A/B Testing

Usability Testing

Make Data Meaningful

Data Synthesis

Affinity Diagrams


Information Architecture

Mental Models

Interpretation Sessions

Context Scenarios

UX Elements and Themes

Socialization and Governance

Interactive Prototypes

UX Governance

Lo-fidelity wireframes

Responsive Design

Design Systems

UX Architecture


Context Scenarios

Contact Gretchen

my strengths...


Psychologically taking ownership of what I do and say I will do.
I am committed to stable values such as honesty and loyalty.


Enjoys close relationships with others.
Find deep satisfaction in working hard with friends to achieve a goal.


Identify with others and being intrigued with people’s unique qualities.
A talent for figuring out how diverse people can work together productively.


Drawing insights by dissecting ideas
and finding connections between seemingly disparate phenomena.


Believes in the link between all things.
There are few coincidences and every event has a reason.


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Vertiv Releases the Vertiv Advisor

The Vertiv Advisor is a cloud based service with remote monitoring and maintenance of your critical infrastructure. Capabilities of Vertiv Advisor mobile application:– Track Vertiv Service response, preventative maintenance & repair– Receive Service based advisories & notifications– Provide data-driven insights to unit operation & services– Instant access to current site & unit level health index– […]

August 5, 2019

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Vertiv Releases Power Insight 2.0

Due to a lot of hard work from the Vertiv HCD team and many other contributors, Vertiv released Power Insight R2 on June 21, 2017.  This is one of four projects that I lead the User Experience design while concurrently working on this application. Power Insight R2 is designed to monitor up to 50 Liebert […]

August 9, 2017


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