Design Thinking

Providing user data to the business and creating designs based on UX Research.

The Big Picture

Creating an overarching UX Strategy to an entire product ecosystem.

Creative Solutions

Using the latest design system techniques to bring creativity to the table.

What I do

UX product development skills

UX Strategy

UX Planning, project timelines, research, communication plans, and UX roadmap that aligns to business needs.

Product Design

Successfully released 12+ applications on many different form factors. Web, mobile, tablet, desktop, hardware and firmware.

UX Governance

No matter what the form factor, I standardize the User Experience and improve consistency by implementing UX Guidelines. 

UX Research

15+ years of doing global usability research, planning and performing VOC and usability testing. Getting good user feedback can be the hardest part of the project. 

Team Building

I have a track record of building a global high performing UX teams that deliver their promises on scope and schedule.

Workshop Facilitation

UX workshops are a critical in collaboration and design thinking. Being able to navigate through team issues and gaining alignment is just as important as being able to create the UX artifacts required to build the project.

Work Experience

Past employers


20+ years of product design

For 15+ years Gretchen lead product design teams.  She has been integral in planning and executing field research stateside and abroad. She uses personas and storytelling to bring alignment and propagate the Vision for projects. By gathering and synthesizing research data she brings together a UX Architecture to deliver a consistent user experience. She also implements UX standards with consideration for internationalization and localization for easier global adoption. Her experience has lead her to conduct UX research in India, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Italy, Romania, England, and France.

Her diverse background includes projects from global enterprises to small businesses. Her current passion is in the field of environmental monitoring, conservation of natural resources are important to our future. 

UX Research

Create better products by involving users in the design process.

UX Strategy

Today people expect to have constant and integrated interactions across entire product offerings.

My Mission

Solving real problems by understanding who users are, and how to improve their lives.


From strengthfinders assessment

    Psychologically taking ownership of what I do and say I will do. I am committed to stable values such as honesty and loyalty.


      Enjoys close relationships with others. Find deep satisfaction in working hard with friends to achieve a goal.


        Identify with others and being intrigued with people’s unique qualities. A talent for figuring out how diverse people can work together productively.


          Drawing insights by dissecting ideas and finding connections between seemingly disparate phenomena.


            Believes in the link between all things. There are few coincidences and every event has a reason.

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