My Professional Legacy


• Lead design efforts for global touch applications in the Data Center Power and Cooling Space, for iCOM & A/C Power mounted UI hardware

•  Q4 Consider It Solved Award Winner – Liebert® iCOM and Liebert iCOM-S

•  Lead design for Power Insight 1.0,-2.0

•  Created the Conversion UI Strategy to entice customers converting from free software into purchasing Vertiv products for TAF.

•  Created strategy to convert the Trellis Enterprise UI to new HTML5 look and feel, and breakthrough graphic visualizations.

•  Provided Consultative Support for new Vertiv Common User Interface implementation to DCS Software Engineering and iCOM-S Thermal team.

•  Retired ADF and Flex for UI development, encouraged HTML5 & Microsoft Blend for iCOM-S hardware UI

•  Internally Rebranded DCS Software HCD Team

Strengthened Team Collaboration

• Modernized UX Team with new Tools and Methods for collaboration and communication.

• Updated UX Processes by coming up with a 50 day UX turnaround strategy.

• Retired iRise software, replacing it with Adobe Suite products for prototyping and remote User Testing.

• Encouraged team members to communicate with Slack and keep up to date with latest DCS Software engineering communications.

• Ongoing collaborating with Vertiv Marketing to keep the new brand representation cohesive in our products.

User Experience Skills

Design from the User's Mental Space

Usability Research

Customer Visits

Contextual Inquiry

Card Sorting

Task Analysis

Design Hypothesis

Heuristic Evaluation

Demographic Research

A/B Testing

Make Data Meaningful

Data Synthesis

Affinity Diagrams


Information Architecture

Mental Models

Interpretation Sessions

Context Scenarios

UX Elements and Themes

Socialization and Governance

Interactive Prototypes

User Requirements

iRise Simulations

Lo-fidelity wireframes

Responsive Design

Style Guide

UX Architecture