My Professional Legacy


• Lead design efforts for global touch applications in the Data Center Power and Cooling Space, for iCOM & A/C Power mounted UI hardware

•  Q4 Consider It Solved Award Winner – Liebert® iCOM and Liebert iCOM-S

•  Lead design for Power Insight 1.0,-2.0

•  Created the Conversion UI Strategy to entice customers converting from free software into purchasing Vertiv products for TAF.

•  Created strategy to convert the Trellis Enterprise UI to new HTML5 look and feel, and breakthrough graphic visualizations.

•  Provided Consultative Support for new Vertiv Common User Interface implementation to DCS Software Engineering and iCOM-S Thermal team.

•  Retired ADF and Flex for UI development, encouraged HTML5 & Microsoft Blend for iCOM-S hardware UI

•  Internally Rebranded DCS Software HCD Team

Strengthened Team Collaboration

• Modernized UX Team with new Tools and Methods for collaboration and communication.

• Updated UX Processes by coming up with a 50 day UX turnaround strategy.

• Retired iRise software, replacing it with Adobe Suite products for prototyping and remote User Testing.

• Encouraged team members to communicate with Slack and keep up to date with latest DCS Software engineering communications.

• Ongoing collaborating with Vertiv Marketing to keep the new brand representation cohesive in our products.

User Experience Skills

Curating World-Class User Experiences

Usability Research

Contextual Inquiry

Card Sorting

Task Analysis

Design Hypothesis

Heuristic Evaluation

Demographic Research

A/B Testing

Usability Testing

Make Data Meaningful

Data Synthesis

Affinity Diagrams


Information Architecture

Mental Models

Interpretation Sessions

Context Scenarios

UX Elements and Themes

Socialization and Governance

Interactive Prototypes

UX Governance

Lo-fidelity wireframes

Responsive Design

Design Systems

UX Architecture


Context Scenarios