UX Leadership

 Workshop Facilitation – Organizing a UX workshop is a very important step for communicating project requirements and ensuring alignment across the team. Being able to navigate through team issues and creating collaboration across people involved in the project is just as important as being able to create the UX artifacts required to build the project.

Facilitating a workshop includes planning for logistics for the space, attendees, and coordinating the activities planned activities. The purpose of having a workshop is to provide a space where the attendees can learn and establish relationships with their peers in a short amount of time. I make sure that during a workshop the team has all of the proper supplies, facilities, and requirements for a successful experience.

UX Planning – UX Planning includes creating an overarching strategy, project timeline, research plan, and communication plan. This will help determine if all of the required resources are available to make the project a success.

UX Process – Learn – Design – Test -Refine

First and foremost, if you are not involving your users, you are not creating an experience that focuses on their needs. There are many different UX process frameworks available today. Many people are familiar with User Centered Design, Goal Directed Design, and Lean UX methodologies. During my tenure as a UX manager our team worked together to assemble a UX plan that would allow for us to cycle through a project in 50 days so that the plan would fit into an overarching Product Development Process.

User Experience Skills

Curating World-Class User Experiences

Usability Research

Contextual Inquiry

Card Sorting

Task Analysis

Design Hypothesis

Heuristic Evaluation

Demographic Research

A/B Testing

Usability Testing

Make Data Meaningful

Data Synthesis

Affinity Diagrams


Information Architecture

Mental Models

Interpretation Sessions

Context Scenarios

UX Elements and Themes

Socialization and Governance

Interactive Prototypes

UX Governance

Lo-fidelity wireframes

Responsive Design

Design Systems

UX Architecture


Context Scenarios