Vertiv Releases Power Insight 2.0

enter site 09.08.2017

enter site Due to a lot of hard work from the Vertiv HCD team and many other contributors, Vertiv released Power Insight R2 on June 21, 2017.  This is one of four projects that I lead the…

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The EXM mid-size UPS is getting awards for its ease of use

source link 24.03.2017

View the video of the Vertiv EXM UPS, and see how easy it is to implement in your computing space. I was a key player in the design for the User Interface for both the Vertiv…

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Adobe Max 2014


This year I had the privilege of attending the Adobe Max conference in Los Angeles. This medium sized conference provided classes, keynote speakers, sessions and sneak peaks at upcoming Adobe Technology. I logged my experiences…

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Goal-Directed Design Framework to Center the Focus on the User


An artist approaches a blank canvas and must decide what to paint. What is the purpose of the painting? What feelings should be evoked when viewed? If the artist wants to paint realistically, it helps…

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Where Do You Go For Inspiration?


Being in a creative field, I am often looking for sources of inspiration. It's hard to get inspired when you're working in a small space. My solution, taking post cards from Art Basel and covering…

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The Evolving Design Brief


I have used Design Brief as a guide document for the past 10 years. When I was first introduced to the  Design brief I was working as a business analyst/designer in the field of e-commerce.…

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A UX Architect is an interpreter


Usability Architect - We take research data and synthesizes it into useful information. Everyone has presumptions with good intentions abut the product they want to build and sell. As the UX Architect we level set…

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Usability – A Sign of Business Maturity


Just about everybody is familiar with Facebook these days, prior to their IPO last year, Mark Zuckerberg announced that their company would stay cutting edge by  moving fast and breaking things. This is a concept…

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Decreasing the Knowledge Gap


One of the considerations in interface design is that not only do you have to acknowledge that you are not the user, but that your users will all come from unique background experiences. During life…

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Jennifer Bruner Aid Fundraiser – This Sunday Aug 4th


I am holding a fundraiser for a South Florida Hero named Jennifer Bruner. On July 4th Jennifer Bruner shielded a 3 year old girl from being hit by a renegade firework. She sustained injuries that…

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